Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Sunday Walk

There's not going to be much to this post. On Sunday evening I went for a walk with a few people that I've met here. This is a classic Russian activity. Obviously people go for walks all over the world, but it's not usually quite the social event that it seems to be here. Ask a Russian on Monday what they did over the weekend, and chances aren't bad that in addition to whatever else they did they went walking with some friends. In St. Petersburg this usually means strolling up and down Nevskiy Prospekt.

We met up outside Dom Knigi, a landmark located in the Singer Building on Nevskiy Prospekt. We walked along the Griboyedov Canal, past the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, and then around Mikhailovskiy Sad. We found a bench and sat and talked for quite a while. It turned out that our walking group was mostly Americans. In addition to me, there were Rachel and Marla, who are both here studying English, and another American girl that I met that night and whose name I can't remember. She was interesting to talk to though. Our Russian contingent consisted of Yana and Sasha.

Marla, Rachel, ?, me (looking like a giant), Yana, Sasha


  1. Are there ever going to be any more posts? I have really liked reading this blog.

  2. I miss your blog posts. I keep checking for a new one :).